The initial concept for ECOEFFECT was to develop a design consulting firm that focused on sustainable products, community planning, leadership in energy and environmental design.  This idea to create a design firm that would develop innovative and fresh ideas towards smart building, began during the course while at The University of Texas -San Antonio. 


During the first few months of it's conception, ideas started to develop, some that stayed and others that are still in the development stages.  The goal was to become political and stretch out to architects and engineers, city planners, and directors of planning and development.  After the partnership with Solatube International, the lighting design and consulting phase began to take off, and later the roofing construction and project management developed.  General contract work began shortly after, designing residential homes, retrofits, and interior flooring projects.  In 2017 we have partnered with Pioneer Water Tanks, and now offer rainwater harvesting for residential, commercial and agricultural use.

We are proud distributors of Zero Mass Water for SOURCE, a Hydropanel that makes drinking water from sunlight and air.  With two architectural designers on staff, one landscape architectural designer, and two account managers that are eager to work for you.  Our crews are ready to take on any project and we look forward to hearing from you and develop your ideas to design with nature.

Our company was founded on October 2012, and since then we have transformed and adapted to the construction services for the South Texas Region.  We strive to design and build for an environment that will sustain and support the health of future generations.